Environmental Impact

A penny saved is a penny earned.

By optimizing operational efficiency and minimizing demand charges, our Clients have reduced their power consumption by 25% to over 50%. 

Let's turn down the volume on energy demands

A typical 250,000 sqft. manufacturing facility consumes 24MWh of electricity per year.  Implementing Optimum VĪS™ during that same year would minimally reduce consumption by 6MWh.  That reduction not only saves you $$$, it also reduces the amount of electricity the power plant needs to produce.

The power plant would have released 7,263 Tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere producing 6MWh for the year.

or you could plant a tree...

Make that 7,263 trees.  We love trees, but it would take 7,263 trees 40 years to sequester 7,263 Tonnes of CO2 back out of the atmosphere.