Optimum VĪS™

Predictive Analytics

Optimum VĪS™ learns how the facility uses energy; building and continuously 

improving your power profile over time.  Using the power profile as a baseline plus current operational data and environmental forecasts, the system builds future power models for the next minutes, hours, days and weeks.  These predictions are used to suggest policy and procedural changes improving operational efficiency while reducing Utility consumption.

Cognitive Controller

Once procedural changes have been implemented, we implement technological changes to further lower demand charges.  Optimum VĪS™ uses current and predicted power profiles to design the appropriate renewable power generation and storage system, cutting an additional 15% to 35% from your utility costs.

The Optimum VĪS™ Controller Module continuously learns, adapts, and optimizes over the 20-year lifespan of the microgrid.  The controller optimizes every step along the way: learning new power requirements, operational changes and anticipating component degradation and failure, ensuring maximum efficacy of the system and your operations.

What-if Scenarios

 As demand changes or operations shift, owners and operators often ask questions about adding new machinery, adjusting operations, or making simple modifications of facilities.  Typically, the answers for these questions are postulated at best, rarely leveraging information and evidence that is on hand.  Optimum VĪS™ allows users to explore these questions.  Based on current power profiles, learned knowledge about components and desired future states, Optimum VĪS™ helps explore the pros and cons of the proposed modifications, allowing far more informed decisions than ever before.